Our Classes

Terrific Twos Class

Welcome to the Terrific Twos! The Terrific Twos is a one (1 1/4) hour and fifteen minute class for 2 year-olds and a parent, grandparent or caregiver. There are many developmental benefits that your child will receive over the course of the year particularly age appropriate topics such as: numbers, seasons, colors and shapes. Activities for fine/gross motor skills, group play and learning to share are also provided. Another benefit is that the class allows parents to bond with their child on another level. It also provides an opportunity for parents to make connections with other moms or dads and to feel part of a community.

Each month will have a different theme. All of our projects, songs, stories, and fingerplays will be centered around that theme. We will also have a color day on the first class of each month. I encourage you and your child to wear that color to school that day.

Our daily routine will include centers, circle time, a story, art, snack, large motor activities.

Your child will love coming to our Terrific Twos Class. We will have so much fun learning and exploring. We love to get messy, so don't dress in your Sunday best! Paint, glue, and sometimes even mud will be used in our classroom. We will use bean bags, parachutes, and scarves for large motor activities. The children will get to explore their senses with different materials in the sensory table.

Terrific Twos is a great start to a child's preschool experience!

Our class schedule:

  • Table Activities

  • Clean Up

  • Circle Time

  • Craft

  • Snack/story

  • Free Play

  • Closing

Three Year-Old Program

Three Year-Old: Two and Three Day Class Schedules

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 9:15 am to 11:45 pm

Tuesday and Thursday - 9:15 am to 11:45 pm

Our class is designed to provide learning activities that will help the children recognize and learn colors, numbers, letters, seasons, the calendar and many other concepts and social skills. We work with them in learning how to use scissors, recognize their name, getting along and sharing with others. We also focus on their sitting quietly during circle time and listening to the teacher. The class is structured so that the children are able to learn routine and anticipate the next activity.

Daily Schedule

  • Arrival & Free Play (blocks, play dough, coloring, library)

  • Circle Time (increased attention span, teaches how to follow directions and listen without interrupting when required)

    • Hello Song

    • Weather Bear / Calendar

    • Pledge of Allegiance

    • Show-n-Tell / Share

  • Learning Activity (focus on names, letters, shapes, and numbers)

      • Children rotate between three areas:

        1. One on one teacher guided activity/craft

        2. Centers: learning activities such as: puzzles, letter and shape games, drawing, cutting, tracing, and glueing

        3. Free play with friends and classroom toys (promotes socialization)

  • Clean up toys used during play time (learning to clean up).

  • Bathroom Break / Wash Hands

  • Snack Prayer and Snack

  • End of day activity (will vary based on day); music/dancing, action rhymes/songs, story, indoor play activity such as basketball, bowling, musical chairs, etc. If weather allows the class will play outside on the playground.

  • Dismissal

Pre-Kindergarten Classes

The Pre-K Program at our school is designed to prepare the preschooler for his/her kindergarten experience. It is important for all the children to socialize with others as they will be doing this for the next 13 years. Preschool is the perfect environment for this.

In addition, we prepare our students for learning to read, write, and do mathmatics. We accomplish this through a variety of activities, including: singing songs, reading stories (listening) and poetry, using learning centers, and playing games.

Learning can be and is fun!

Rounding out our busy day is outdoor playtime and activities which promote their gross motor skills. Running, skipping, hopping, and learning to use the swing set without being pushed (that's huge!)are some examples.

A PreK experience is highly recommended before children go off to kindergarden. It provides a longer day for them in preparation for their full days in kindergarten, everyday. Our goal is for children to love learning and to love coming to school each day and to prepare them well for the next step of their educational journey!

Pre Kindergarten - Two and Three Day Program

Pre Kindergarten: Two and Three Day Class Schedules

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday - 9:00 am to 12:15 pm*


Opening (Roll call, Day/Date, Weather)

Story Time

Writing Work (Learning the Letter of the Week, Other worksheets)

Centers & Free Play (Learning Games, Crafts, One on One Time w/ Teacher)

Bathroom/Snack Break

Show and Tell/Library

Music & Movement

Group Games, Outside Play, Puzzles, Catch-up Work, Second Story

Prepare for Dismissal

*Tuesday/Thursday classes have an extra 15 minutes evenly distributed throughout the morning.

Pre Kindergarten - Five Day Program

Pre Kindergarten: Five Day Class Schedule

Monday to Friday - 9:15 am to 12:15 pm


Opening Meeting (attendance, Pledge of Allegiance, calendar, weather, curriculum lesson and story, poetry and/or song, letter of the week, numbers).

Learning Centers and free play

Clean Up and Bathroom Break


Any of the following:

                  • Show and Share

                  • Story

                  • Music and Movement

                  • Table Activities (puzzles, card games, etc.)

                  • Playground