Membership & Fellowship

Easter Egg Project

We continue to support the Easter Egg Project which is the Guild's largest fund raiser for the church and helps with the expenses of the church. The project occurs annually from the Thursday following Ash Wednesday until the Friday before Holy Week. It requires many hands to make all of the peanut butter and coconut eggs but it is also a great time of fellowship. Many friendships are renewed while the eggs are being shaped, dipped, cooled and packaged.

Spring Tea Party

Join us each year around Mother's Day for a festive Spring Tea. We will serve various appetizers, finger sandwiches, desserts, and tea selections. This is an event for the whole family, especially children. Wear your favorite hat, and bring a tea cup.

Sand Tarts

We make our famous sand tarts each year five weeks before the annual dinner in November. You may order by calling the church office at 610-779-0850 or pick some up at the Turkey Dinner They are $9 per/lb.

Annual Dinner

Every year, we host an annual dinner held on the third Saturday in November.

Various dinners, food sales, etc. are scheduled throughout the year. Watch our Facebook page for any of those upcoming events.