Music & Worship

Senior Choir

Our Senior Choir meets at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings from the last week in August until the last Wednesday in May. They sing until Father's Day. We are always looking for more members. We are in particular need of men (tenors and baritone). We could also use some more altos and sopranos. All are welcome. If you love to sing, please join us.

Sandwich Fundraiser

To support the church operations, The Music & Worship Committee, along with the Senior Choir, holds sandwich sales in February, June and October, annually. Please consider helping to make the sandwiches or to sell the hoagies. We look forward to working with all of our church members and friends to support this fund raising effort.

Junior Choir

We are always looking for more youth interested in singing. This is a very fun experience and fulfilling way to sing sacred music.

Junior Choir

Our Youth Choir meets at 6:30 p.m. on most Wednesday evenings from September until the last week of May.

At the discretion of the choir director, the choir may be split in two groups according to age.

Director of Music

Music plays a very large part in the total ministry at Schwarzwald United Church of Christ. Therefore, the impact of our Director of Music is significant. It is crucial that the person in this position view herself or himself not only as a musician but also as a minister called to serve their Lord and the congregation through the gift of music.

Our Minister of Music is Joseph DiCindio.

Music and Worship Committee

The Music and Worship Committee’s expressed purpose is to ascertain the needs and desires of the church for a meaningful worship experience to glorify God. In cooperation with the Pastor, Director of Music and Consistory, its duties are the planning, maintaining, and supervision of music and worship within the Church.

To worship and glorify God is the purpose of the Sunday church service. Worship is the work of the people. Since the liturgy of the worship service is the work of the people, it is important that the service have a format and program that will be meaningful to the congregation.

Music is an important aspect of worship. It allows each member and the congregation as a whole to express their faith and devotion through musical voice. The choirs serve a ministry through anthems, solos, song and hymn support. Music enhances and supports the church worship and sermons by following and complimenting the messages of the liturgy and the themes of the liturgical calendar.