The Revitalization Committee was asked to review the existing Church bylaws through the lens of how the Church operates currently and how it could operate in the future. Omissions, oversights, and inconsistencies were identified within the bylaws, policies, procedures, and structure as they relate to the church, organizations, and committees. By developing and suggesting consistent policies and procedures, inclusive bylaws, and a forward looking church structure, our Church can build resiliency and streamline our operations. The Revitalization Committee will engage with the congregation, consistory, organizations, and committees during their discussions. Consistory, organizations, and committees will implement these suggestions based on the approval of the congregation.

Keystone Ministry Areas

1. Christian Education - youth and adult education programs

    • Preschool

    • Sunday School

    • Confirmation

    • Youth Group

    • Vacation Bible School

    • Easter Program

    • Christmas Pageant

    • Bible Study

2. Music & Worship - activities that support the worship service

    • Choirs - Vocal and Bells

    • Altar Guild

    • Sacraments/Rites - Baptism, Communion, Weddings, Funerals

    • Worship Features - Bulletin, Flowers, Zoom/YouTube/Slides

    • Sandwich Fundraiser

3. Membership & Fellowship - programs that support our members

    • Membership

    • Scholarship

    • Guild - Egg Project, Fall Festival, Dinners, Family Game Night, Hospitality, Tea Party, Decorating Teams

    • Adult Socials

    • Prayer Circle

    • Cradle Roll

    • Shut-in Ministry

4. Community Outreach - activities that support the community

    • Christian Concerns (Angel Fund)

    • International - Child Sponsorship, Shoeboxes, Heifer International

    • Local - Oley Fair, Exeter Food Pantry Christmas Presents, Exeter SD Gift Cards, Hershey Bars for Prisoners, Food Pantry Donations, Veterans Making a Difference

    • Community Organizations - Girl Scouts, Lions Club, Exercise Group, Woman's Guild of St. Lawrence

5. Management & Infrastructure - committees that support the church

    • Property - Subcontractors/Vendors, Facility Cleaning/Maintenance

    • Finance - Treasurers, Endowment, Memorial, Audit

    • Human Resources (church employees)

      • Pastoral Search Committee

      • Pastoral Relations Committee

    • Office/Administrative Functions - Facility Use/Rental, Newsletter

    • Information Technology