Vacation Bible School

July 12-15, 2021

Kids are naturally curious, and when you’re curious about who God is it’s easy to grow your relationship with Jesus. That’s why, in this 4-part series for Vacation Bible School, we’re going to engage kids’ imaginations!​ Kids will not only get curious about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — but also about the God who created it all! They’ll hear from early church leaders like Paul, Peter, John, and Timothy, who helped the first Jesus-followers wonder what made their stories unique, what gifts God gave them (and how they could use those gifts to serve), what they could learn from others, and how they could spend time with God.

July 8-11, 2019

Life is wild, God is good. This epic African adventure engages the whole herd. At Roar, kids explore God’s goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith that powers them through this wild life. We will be roaring and praising god for his blessings. Join us for a fun filled week of games, stories, snacks, songs, crafts and a wild ride.

July 10-13, 2017

Bible School for 2017 was held July 10 -13 from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. in our social hall. We partnered with the Community UCC teachers and children. All the children in our area were invited, not just those from our two churches. There was no charge for attending. An offering is taken and given to a worthy cause, usually having to do with children.